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The idea behind mycashbacks

On average, we carry up to four coupon cards and more in our wallets to collect points while shopping and then collect rewards. And why not? Why let a goodie or a possible bonus go to waste? Let the retailers make an effort for us customers, right? That's what we thought when we launched mycashbacks in 2015. However, we didn't want to be just another points and bonus programme and create even more plastic in the wallet. What we want is a cashback portal that benefits merchants and customers alike, without the diversions via rewards catalogues.

Cash back instead of collecting points

That's exactly the point: with mycashbacks you don't get points, but cash back with every purchase. And thanks to over 2,000 shops with thousands of products, you can find the right product with cashback for every situation - without a coupon card, without a minimum purchase and 100% free of charge for the user.

So everyone gets something out of it

The principle is very simple: by connecting our users with the best brands in the world, we offer them the opportunity to get money back on the things they buy every day. Where does this money come from? Simple: from the merchant themselves. It's part of our commission that we pass on to the online shopper. In return, our retail partners find new customers who will buy from them in the long term. So everyone gets a piece of the pie.

A simple calculation

With most providers, one collected point is worth 1 cent, if you want to convert it. With us, 1 cent is worth 1 cent, without any conversion. And this goes directly into the cashback account and thus into your own pocket. So it's up to you to decide what you want to invest your collected cashback in and you are no longer bound to a premium catalogue.

All shops and cashback offers in one place

More than 72% of all online shoppers take the trouble to look for vouchers or discount campaigns before making their final purchase. This shows that the will to save is unbroken, especially since it can be so easy today. It's even easier if you can get the best conditions automatically, isn't it? The magic word is centralisation. We want to bring together as many shops as possible on our platform, which is why we don't rest on our laurels with 2000 shops, but are always negotiating deals with new partner shops.

Who is behind mycashbacks?

We are a 17-member project team and have chosen Berlin as our control centre. From here, we bring new shops on board and think about ways and means to get the best out of cashback for everyone.

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