Cashback Finder

The Cashback Finder: So you don't miss out on any more cashback when shopping online!

Do you like to shop online but sometimes forget to start your shopping on to get cashback when you shop? With the mycashbacks browser extension you automatically get cashback at all participating shops!

Here's how:

1. Install Cashback Finder for your browser. Pin it right next to the address bar.

Cashback Finder
Cashback Finder

2. Log in with your mycashbacks credentials.

3. As soon as you visit a shop that offers cashback, the Cashback Finder will inform you.

Cashback Finder
Cashback Finder

4. Activate the cashback.

5. Shop as usual and enjoy the cashback you've collected!

Cashback Finder

Money back at countless online shops.

Choose from numerous categories.

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