1.6% Cash Back

Please note the following to collect Cash Back:

  • Accept all cookies on partner site.
  • Use only coupons from our site for your purchase, otherwise you will get no or reduced Cash Back.
  • Do not order through the store's app, but open the (mobile) store in the browser. Exceptions are marked.
  • You only get Cash Back for paid and confirmed transactions.

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Frenchbee Cash Back, Vouchers & Discounts

  • flights
  • France
  • budget travel

About Frenchbee

French Bee offers budget-friendly, direct flights from the US to France, making international travel more accessible. As a low-cost carrier, French Bee ensures you can explore France without breaking the bank. Enjoy additional savings with mycashbacks on every booking.

The most important facts

  • Your Cash Back is calculated from the net booking price. This means the booking price without VAT, without tourism taxes and surcharges
  • Your Cash Back will be ready for payment as soon as it is confirmed by French Bee. This happens when you have finished your trip refreshed & satisfied. Please note that this may take up to several months depending on the date your trip will take place
  • It may take up to 3 days for the Cash Back to appear in the account
  • Subsequent booking requests are possible after 3 days at the earliest
  • Cash Back is only available if you access the partner site via mycashbacks and accept all cookies there
  • Cash Back cannot be combined with other bonus systems
  • When using discounts & vouchers, Cash Back can be reduced or even no Cash Back
  • The Cash Back is confirmed when the goods (or service) have been fully accepted and paid for at the partner shop.
  • Max. duration until the confirmation of the Cash Back: not indicated
  • From a confirmed Cash Back of $1,00, we monthly pay out your Cash Back automatically

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