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Unfortunately, we can't offer you cashback for this shop. However, you can get our cashback bonus instead.

Please note:
  • to receive the cashback bonus, you must be logged in
  • have previously made at least one purchase through
  • you can get a maximum of 5 cashback rewards per day in different shops
  • the reward will be confirmed after 7 days at the earliest

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How does cashback work at adidas?

ATTENTION: adidas does not offer cashback at the moment. However, so that you do not go empty-handed, we offer you our cashback bonus. 

This is how the cashback bonus works:  Log in to your user account and make sure that you have already made at least one online purchase via mycashbacks.  After you have been redirected to the adidas website, we will credit your cashback bonus directly to your cashback account. After 7 days your bonus will be confirmed and paid out in the following month. Please note that you can collect a maximum of 5 rewards per day from different stores.

About adidas

There is hardly a corner of the world where the Adidas brand and its products are not known. But what do you know about the brands history? There are countless curiosities behind the success of adidas. From its founding as the result of a dispute between two brothers after the Second World War, to the origin of the famous three stripes, the brand's signature symbol, bought for 1600 euros and two bottles of whisky. You surely have already a few Adidas pieces in your wardrobe. And more will surely be added, because a visit to is always worthwhile.

Unfortunately, we are currently unable to offer you cashback for your online contract at via mycashbacks. But note the information about the Cashback bonus.

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