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On the US market there are a lot of merchants offering different cashback deals. allows you to find the cashback deals for your individual shopping experience from the huge selection. On you can find cashback promotions for many well-known products, from well-known brands and from different industries. Whether you order electrical appliances, conclude contracts such as DSL or mobile telephony, buy toys or fashion or book travel and wellness offers - on you will also find the right cashback deal and get money back when shopping!

Cash Back - A success story

Around the same time as the emerging affiliate marketing in the late 90s, the success story of cashback systems began. It started in Great Britain: There are about 120 cashback providers there today, which have become a major competitor to retailers due to the attractive cashback offers. For manufacturers and well-known brands, cashback campaigns are often a popular instrument for placing time-limited and very attractive promotional offers on the market without officially lowering their own prices. Due to the now broad mass of cashback offers from various providers, it is possible to save cash on shopping for many products through cashback deals. The amount of the cashback commission depends on the provider and product. Here, Cash Backs of 1% to 20% are possible per purchase.