Cash Back Surveys - Participate, Earn Cash Back

We now offer you an additional possibility to easily collect Cash Back - without having to buy anything. In cooperation with our partner CPX Research, we offer you a selection of surveys in which you can participate. If you answer a survey completely, you will receive Cash Back for it.

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With our surveys, we want to give you a chance to earn Cash Back without needing to shop online. We're partnering with CPX-Research for this. To earn Cash Back through surveys, all you need to do is invest some time to answer the questions.

Please keep in mind the following points:

  • mycashbacks is not responsible for the content of the surveys. Our partner CPX-Research is the provider of the surveys.

  • It might happen that you start a survey, answer several questions, and the survey gets aborted during the response process. The survey provider decides whether you fit the profile they're looking for or not.

  • If a survey is aborted, feel free to start a new one.

  • mycashbacks has no control over which surveys you can fully complete and thus get compensated for.

  • Please contact CPX-Research's support team if you have any questions about the surveys.

This is how you participate:

Select a survey you would like to participate in. A one-time registration with your email address is required for participation.

A profile will be created for you, which will help to better tailor the selection of surveys to you.

The more surveys that match you, the more opportunities you have to collect Cash Back.

Current surveys

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Important Notice:

Occasionally, a survey may be canceled due to one of your answers. Don't worry, this is not a bug. The surveys are sometimes intended only for a very specific group of users (e.g. people from certain states, with medical conditions, or that use a certain product). If you don't belong to this group, in most cases you will receive a compensation of $0.01. Within the surveys, there are also test questions to check the quality of your answers. If you answer these incorrectly, the survey will also be canceled. But don't worry, you can answer as many surveys as you want as long as they are fitting you personally.