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Please note the following to collect cashback:

  • Accept all cookies on the partner site.
  • Only use vouchers from our site for your purchase, otherwise you will receive no or reduced cashback.
  • Do not order via the shop's app, but open the (mobile) shop in the browser. Exceptions are marked.
  • You only get cashback for paid and confirmed transactions.

How does cashback work at Ivacy VPN?

  • Cashback is calculated from the net value of the goods (purchase value excluding VAT and shipping costs)
  • It may take up to 3 days for the cashback to appear in the account
  • Subsequent booking requests are possible after 3 days at the earliest
  • Cashback is only available if you access the partner site via mycashbacks and accept all cookies there
  • Cashback cannot be combined with other bonus systems
  • When using discounts & vouchers, cashback can be reduced or even no cashback
  • The cashback is confirmed when the goods (or service) have been fully accepted and paid for at the partner shop.
  • Max. duration until the confirmation of the cashback: up to 30 days
  • From a confirmed cashback of €1,00, we monthly pay out your cashback automatically

About Ivacy VPN

Have you ever entered a website and your access was restricted due to your geographic location? Would you like to surf the Internet freely without leaving a trace of the websites you visit? Ivacy VPN helps you make your Internet connection more secure by offering you privacy and anonymity while browsing the sites you visit. How it works? Your IP will be replaced and you will surf via an encrypted IP connection. So you can browse the internet anonymously. With Ivacy VPN you can bypass geo-restrictions and browse the internet without obstacles. Find out now, book the Ivacy package and receive additional cashback for your valid and confirmed online purchase if you order via mycashbacks on ivacy.com.

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