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Please note the following to collect Cash Back:

  • Accept all cookies on partner site.
  • Use only coupons from our site for your purchase, otherwise you will get no or reduced Cash Back.
  • Do not order through the store's app, but open the (mobile) store in the browser. Exceptions are marked.
  • You only get Cash Back for paid and confirmed transactions.

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MarketXLS Cash Back, Vouchers & Discounts

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How does Cash Back work at MarketXLS?

  • Cash Back is calculated from the net value of the goods (purchase value excluding VAT and shipping costs)
  • It may take up to 3 days for the Cash Back to appear in the account
  • Subsequent booking requests are possible after 3 days at the earliest
  • Cash Back is only available if you access the partner site via mycashbacks and accept all cookies there
  • Cash Back cannot be combined with other bonus systems
  • When using discounts & vouchers, cashback can be reduced or even no Cash Back
  • The Cash Back is confirmed when the goods (or service) have been fully accepted and paid for at the partner shop
  • Max. duration until the confirmation of the Cash Back: - not indicated -
  • From a confirmed Cash Back of $1.00, we monthly pay out your Cash Back automatically

About MarketXLS

MarketXLS is a game-changing platform that empowers investors, traders, and finance professionals with powerful Excel-based tools for data analysis and financial modeling. With an extensive collection of financial data and a user-friendly interface, MarketXLS streamlines the process of conducting in-depth market research, tracking real-time stock prices, and analyzing complex financial data. Whether you're a seasoned investor or a finance enthusiast, MarketXLS offers a comprehensive suite of tools to help you make informed decisions and stay ahead in the market. By utilizing MarketXLS through mycashbacks, you not only gain access to these cutting-edge financial tools but also have the opportunity to earn Cash Back on your subscriptions. Maximize your financial potential and enjoy the added benefit of Cash Back rewards through mycashbacks. Experience the power of MarketXLS and elevate your financial analysis today!

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